Watch viral video of supporters throwing objects at Chloe Bailey

Online video of supporters throwing objects at Chloe Bailey has gone viral.


A video of New Balance Nationals concert performer and rising talent Chloe Bailey being hit by objects thrown by fans has gone viral. Since the video’s release, many of her followers have taken to social media to express their shock and dismay at what they see. Follow our website, SureLoaded, for the latest updates!!!!!

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Chloe Speaks Out About What Happened

Chloe Bailey has responded to the footage by explaining that the objects seen being thrown at her were actually light-up bracelets intended as gifts from her fans. Everything, she claims, was misunderstood.

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Some of her followers, despite her best efforts to explain the situation, nevertheless found the gesture offensive and pointless. Others, however, expressed their unshakable backing for the actress and urged her to continue spreading her light and great spirit.

Watch viral video of supporters throwing objects at Chloe Bailey

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The Spotlight Remains on Chloe

Chloe Bailey is now on her first U.S. headlining tour, during which she is playing all of the songs from her most recent studio album in its entirety. She continues to pursue her aspirations and captivate audiences with her great voice and contagious passion despite this setback.

The Value of Compromise and Comprehension

These kinds of things can easily get out of hand in the age of social media, damaging the careers of even the most gifted and beloved musicians. Holding people responsible for their actions is crucial, but so is approaching these situations with compassion and understanding. Read More: Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad continue to argue online.


We owe it to musicians and the artists who inspire us to appreciate the time and effort they put into making music. Let us work toward establishing a culture that supports and encourages its artists rather than one that criticizes and belittles them.

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