Watch Full Cyan Boujee Tape Video Leaked on Twitter and Reddit

Watch Full Cyan Boujee Tape Video Leaked on Twitter, Reddit


Cyan Boujee Tape Video Leaked on Twitter

Disputable powerhouse and DJ Cyan Boujee is besting patterns after her spilled video made adjusts via online entertainment. In any case, in the background of the released video, the effervescent DJ immediately took to Instagram to swipe at Sovereign Kaybee for supposedly releasing her video.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Cyan Boujee posted: “I’m ayt folks, however, wow may God favor Ruler Kaybee. It’s him, most certainly. My main issue is my niggas are all going to dump me today.”

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Regardless of fingering Sovereign Kaybee, the muso is yet to address the trying charges that have pushed him into the top patterns. As per Cyan Boujee, the video was recorded a very long time back, just to be released for the current year. Without a doubt, South Africans have been attempting to come to an obvious conclusion on how Ruler Kaybee was entangled in the now-popular video.

Notwithstanding, she additionally said she was OK in spite of the video pushing her into the top patterns for some unacceptable reasons. Cyan Boujee isn’t new to embarrassment. Throughout the long term, she has stood out as truly newsworthy for some unacceptable reasons.


She as of late opened up on her once-supposed claimed issue with DJ Maphorisa during The Venting Digital broadcast with Gogo Skhotheni. The effervescent DJ spread the word about it that she never dated Maphorisa, as claimed by tabloids, yet the muso loved her. She proceeded to uncover that presently it’s the direct inverse. She presently cherishes the muso.

All things considered, Maphorisa isn’t the main VIP she has been affirmed to have dated. During her Digital recording and Chill with MacG interview, she became genuine about her supposed issue with Busta 929. Eventually, she was likewise entangled in a supposed trap with Blaq Jewel, yet the team proceeded to dispel any confusion over the entrapment that negatively affected their profession.

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