Zachary Latham video reddit leaked original, What happened to stabbing video

Zachary Latham's original video leaked to Reddit, what happened to the stabbed video

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Zachary Latham’s video Reddit leaked original content about what happened to the stabbing video.

The son of a man who was stabbed to death in a neighborhood fight in 2020 testified Thursday that the attacker used his bicycle to drive the car off the road that day.

Zachary T. Latham, 20, has been charged with allegedly arguing with William T. Durham, 51, at Latham’s home in Vineland on May 4, 2020. . Durham Sr. argued with him and stabbed him to death.

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Durham is married with two sons and works as a correctional officer at South Woods State Penitentiary in Bridgetown.

The murder sparked an altercation involving allegations that Latham had harassed Durham’s relatives and harassed Durham on social media, beginning a weeks-long feud between the families. rice field. .

The hostilities culminated on May 4 when Durham’s relatives claimed Latham followed Gage Durham, 17, as he pulled his bicycle out of the driveway and ran toward its owner. bottom. Durham testified that he jumped to the side of the road to avoid Latham’s car after he honked his horn and drove away.

A few hours later, a dangerous feud erupted when relatives of the Durham family confronted Mr. Latham on the matter.

Latham faces second-degree reckless murder, assault and firearms charges, and his trial began Thursday morning.

Latham’s wife, Sarah, filmed the confrontation on her mobile phone, and the video shows the bloody brawl that began in Latham’s driveway and continued to the warehouse.

Gage Durham testified Thursday about the death of his father, William T. Durham Sr. Zachary T. Latham has been charged with the 2020 assassination of Elder Durham. Dave Hernandez | NJ Advances

Assistant U.S. Attorney Caitlin Flynn admitted to the jury that Durham’s relatives had come to Latham’s residence to fight, but argued that Latham may have gone home and called the police. Instead, he armed himself with a knife and a stun gun and chose to apply deadly pressure to his victims, she said.

“Defendants used deadly pressure to inappropriately aggravate this disagreement. They attempted to use dangerous weapons,” Flynn said. “This arrangement has been hostile in the past, but if you are sane, you can enter their house, pick up your knife, and leave to see Mr. and Mrs. Durham, or if you are sane, Would you go into their house, close the door and call the police?” Police? “

She asked the jury to keep in mind the customs of her father and husband who left Latham.

Court-appointed attorney Nathan Perry argued that the Durhams were physically larger than the defendants, were raiders, encroached on Latham’s property, and endangered consumers and relatives on the day of the murder.

“You brought him into a fight,” Perry told jurors. “They’ve got a plan to lure him in. They’re going to do whatever it takes to find him. You see, the only reason Zachary Latham is sitting here these days is because he has a dog that weighs over 300kg. Because he refuses to accept only three.” And a successful man. ” Brutal beating. ”

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