Who is Major Adil Raja? His age, height, and a video that went viral?

Who is Major Adil Raja? What is your age, height, and popular videos?

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Adil Farouk Rajah is a columnist, political commentator, security analyst and former Pakistan Army Major. He is currently the spokesperson for the Pakistan Veterans Society (PESS), which supports former Pakistan Army officers. Born in 1978, he is 45 this year.

Maj. Adil Raja holds a Bachelor of Science degree in General Science, Military Science and International Relations from the Pakistan Military Academy. He has his master’s degree from Peshawar University. Follow our website SureLoaded.com for the latest updates. ! ! !

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Major Adil Raja and his family now live in London. He has family in Pakistan.
He is married to Sabine Chiani. she lives in england In April 2022, Major Adil disappeared and his wife wrote about it online. After he stayed in England for six days, he returned home.

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Adil Rajah Career

Major Adil Raja is a major in the Pakistan Army. He has also worked as a contractor for DHA Islamabad and as a columnist for The Nation magazine. Adil is currently the Pakistan Representative for the US International Human Rights Foundation.

He is a YouTuber and frequently posts videos about what is going on in the Pakistani government.

post-military career

Currently writing about current affairs and world politics, with a focus on South Asia. He is also the operational director of his AJS Consultants, which helps people buy land and get expert advice. Among other things, he wrote a column for The Nation newspaper. Also read: What does the term “mercy trap” mean when trapping politicians?

Viral video telling the story of Major Adil Raja

Major Adil Raja posted videos of former Pakistan Army commanders and other senior generals on his YouTube channel. In the video he names the most famous Pakistani actresses.

He said the actresses and senior army generals had something in common in the past. The most famous Pakistani actress vehemently denies all allegations and demands evidence and will sue if she does not comply, she said. Most people disagree with Adil Raja’s lies and defend these actresses. People think this is just anti-Pakistan propaganda funded by other countries.

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