Who is Avi Silverberg? Video of a trans powerlifter breaking records gets viral.

Who is Avi Silverberg? A video of a transgender weightlifter breaking records has gone viral.

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Who is Avi Silverberg?Record-breaking video of trans weightlifter goes viral: Avi Silverberg became an overnight hit and sensation thanks to his videos that went viral. But who is he? Do you know Avi Silverberg? If not, you can learn all about him from this article. He is a men’s weightlifting coach from Canada. Records show Avi Silverberg has coached the Canadian weightlifting team for more than a decade. Recently, a video of Canadian coach Abi Silverberg went viral on social media. What does this movie show? Why are Avi Silverberg videos so popular? Later in this article, we answer all your questions about trending Avi Silverberg videos. Follow our website SureLoaded for the latest updates. ! ! !

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Who is Avi Silverberg?

Men’s weightlifting coach Abi Silverberg recently broke the previous record for a transgender woman when she competed in the women’s bench press competition in Alberta, Canada. A hot video of Avi Silverberg in her 2023 Hero Classic in Lethbridge. As such, he has caused controversy in the sports world.

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Abi Silverberg has been criticized for entering a women’s powerlifting competition while competing in the women’s bench press. This is also considered a violation of the CPU’s self-identification policy. (Canadian Weightlifting Federation). Canadian Weightlifting Federation regulations stipulate that anyone who identifies as a woman is eligible to compete in the women’s weightlifting division. Plus, you don’t need hormone therapy or sex reassignment techniques to prove you’re female to compete.

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Avi Silverberg viral video

Canadian men’s weightlifting coach Abi Silverberg has joined the ranks of women’s weightlifting coaches, but has also faced backlash from the sidelines. Men’s trainer Abi Silverberg reportedly broke the record set by a transgender Alberta woman in the 160kg bench press in the over-84kg category. He lifted about 45kg more than the previous record of Abi Silverberg trainer. Weightlifting coach Abi Silverberg has yet to respond to criticism of her unethical participation in the women’s weightlifting championship.

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