Who does Laurie marry in Little Women?

Here is the answer and explanation to the question Who does Laurie marry in Little Women?

Who does Laurie marry in Little Women?

In Little Women Laurie marries Amy, the youngest of the March sisters.

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Despite his having earlier been in love with and proposed to Jo, it is Amy who Laurie ultimately marries.

Laurie, whose full name is Theodore Laurence, lives in the mansion next to the March family’s humble abode. Early in the story, young Laurie keeps his loneliness at bay by watching the activities of the four March sisters, and his eventual friendship with Jo makes it soon feel like he is almost part of the family.

Laurie’s eventual bride, Amy, is the youngest of the March sisters, and her biggest dream is to one day be a famous artist. It is in Europe, where Laurie heads to lick his wounds after Jo rejects his proposal of marriage, that he ends up spending a lot of time with Amy. The reason for Amy’s being in Europe is that she had been invited to accompany a relative on a trip there.

While spending a lot of time together, Laurie and Amy become close friends, and while I would argue that Laurie never feels quite the same depth of emotion for Amy that he had felt for Jo, the two become extremely fond of each other, and marrying her is also a way for him to officially join the family he feels already a part of. The fact that it is Laurie who proposes a toast to his mother-in-law on the occasion of her sixtieth birthday is indicative of the fact that Laurie has become an important family member.

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