What strange dream did Mrs. Darling have?

Here is the answer and explanation to the question What strange dream did Mrs. Darling have?

What strange dream did Mrs. Darling have?

The strange dream that Mrs. Darling has near the end of chapter 1 of Peter Pan is about a place called Neverland. Mrs. Darling notices a rip in the film which typically obscures Neverland, and a boy has broken through the rip. In this dream, Mrs. Darling also believes that she sees her own children peeking through from the other side.

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In chapter 1, Mrs. Darling is troubled by some leaves that she finds in the children’s nursery, and as she puzzles over their source of origin, Wendy tells her that Peter Pan must have brought them in. She reflects on his naughty ways, lamenting that he never wipes his feet properly. Mrs. Darling is perplexed. Wendy seems confident in her characterization of this boy whom she claims enters her bedroom window on the third floor, and those leaves in the nursery aren’t native to their area. Mrs. Darling ultimately dismisses her daughter’s stories, believing that Wendy has dreamed about a boy named Peter Pan.

Later, Mrs. Darling has a dream of her own which makes Wendy’s stories harder to dismiss. In her dream, she catches a glimpse of a place called Neverland and observes as a small and strange boy breaks through the “film that obscures the Neverland.” Examining this rip between her own world and that of Neverland, Mrs. Darling believes that she sees her own children—Wendy, John, and Michael—peeking through at her from the other side of this film.

As she dreams, the window of the nursery blows open, and a boy drops onto the floor. The boy is clad in the very same leaves which Mrs. Darling had earlier noticed on the nursery floor. She realizes immediately that this “lovely boy” is indeed Peter Pan, the boy from the Neverland which she had just been dreaming about.

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