What is the main climax of Dry?

Here is the answer and explanation to the question What is the main climax of Dry?

What is the main climax of Dry?

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Dry is a novel written by Neil and Jarrod Shusterman. It is about the devastatingly desperate drought situation in California. The plot showcases the best and worst of humanity as people in California cope with the effects of the low water supply. For instance, one of the main characters, Alyssa, has a frightening experience with a bogus convenience store clerk, and that situation makes her realize that firearms are important to have for protection. She makes sure that Kelton, another main character, does indeed know how to handle a gun to protect himself. This is just one of many instances that allow readers to see that the drought situation is not just a struggle for survival due to lack of water, but also because people around them are willing to do anything to other people to survive. But the good side of humanity is also on display in the novel, which leads readers to the main climax of the story.

Kelton’s canteen, for example, is an item that represents much more than just a container. It represents the bonds of unity and friendship among people as they deal with their struggles for survival. Kelton often offers his canteen to Alyssa so she can drink from it. He does so to help Alyssa survive. Stories like that one in the novel show that humanity has a good side, that people are not purely selfish, even in times of despair, and that people can come together to become a stronger group. So the story climaxes when it leaves readers with a sense of hope for a better tomorrow, knowing that people have not lost all compassion for others when they could have easily sought to protect only themselves instead of thinking about the needs of other people.

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