What is Pahom’s sister’s name?

Here is the answer and explanation to the question What is Pahom’s sister’s name?

What is Pahom’s sister’s name?

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There is no mention of Pahom’s sister in the story. Pahom’s wife had an elder sister, who visited them in the countryside. Pahom’s wife and her elder sister were also not mentioned by their names. The elder sister boasted about the advantages of town life. She talked about how luxurious her life was and the good things they enjoyed in the city. Pahom’s wife defended her lifestyle by stating the advantages of living in the countryside. She claimed that life in the countryside was better compared to life in the city. She stated that life in town was filled with anxiety and temptation. Pahom supported his wife and claimed that access to more land was the only challenge for a peasant. He added that if they had enough land, he would not fear the devil. Unfortunately, the devil heard him boasting and embarked on a mission to destroy him.

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