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Watch the Ciwidey Tea Garden viral video here. Recently, a video of Ciwidey Tea Garden went viral on the Internet, sparking a heated discussion about the company. Many people were interested in this video because it showed a woman wearing a hijab.

The video was first discovered in a trending topic search and has since gained a huge following on the Internet. Since this video is related to a hijab-wearing woman, many internet her users want to know more about her.

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Further investigation revealed that the video in question was uploaded to Facebook by @AnaDavana. Since then, the post has received widespread attention and many retweets.

The video showed a turbaned woman strolling through a tea plantation in Bandung Siwidi, West Java.

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Chiwiday is a region in Bandung, West Java, known for its stunning natural landscapes such as mountains, waterfalls and tea plantations. This area is a famous tourist destination that many people visit from all over the world.

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