WATCH: Online Outrage Sparked by Fiza Choudhary’s Viral Video, Instagram Model MMS Clip

WATCH: Fiza Chowdhury's viral video, MMS clip of Instagram model sparks outrage online

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One of the most frequently heard news stories today used to be unbearable. Private viral video news is one of the most popular news stories these days, and people intentionally share it and go viral to get more views. In most cases, videos are shared on Twitter before they go viral elsewhere. Thus, Fiza Choudhary’s video hit the headlines and is now live on everyone’s live his stream. Many people circulated the video online, making the man’s story newsworthy. Apparently, such content quickly gained popularity and attention on social media sites.

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More people haven’t seen this but are aware of the controversy surrounding this popular video and are curious if such a movie exists or if someone is just doing it with bad intentions. I’m here. For some reason, this Indian model has garnered a lot of attention and buzz. Her name may be unfamiliar to some, but she made the news because of her high profile on social media. Her Social Her Media Her profile has millions of adoring fans who always follow her wherever she goes.

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Fiza Chowdhury’s video goes viral

She is especially famous on Instagram with over 1.1 million followers. Besides being a sensation on her social media, she has also become famous for having amassed 14,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel. She’s often in the news and talked about, but this time it’s completely different. In recent days, many unofficial websites have claimed that private videos of her have been made public and shared on social media.

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Now her millions of fans are searching for her popular videos online. Fiza’s fans have been searching for this video because it was hard to watch online and only rumors were going around. The reason people are interested in her Fiza video is because this video is much controversial and claimed by many unreliable sites. Even fake recordings containing various intimate confidential sequences were uploaded to other sites. Her name is mostly associated with sex videos, further polarizing the issue among Twitter users. However, she has no hard evidence to back up her claim that the model owns the famous video.

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