Watch NLE Choppa and Sukihana Onlyfans Leaked Video Viral

Watch how leaked videos of NLE Choppa and Sukihana Onlyfans go viral

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Leaked video of NLE Choppa and Sukihana Onlyfans – NLE Choppa profited by utilizing explicit version of new video for song “Slut Me Out (Remix)” with Sukihana on onlyfans. Memphis rapper posts NSFW videos of him on his OnlyFans.

NLE Choppa has revealed that the OnlyFans version of the video will be released on Sunday, April 23rd. The image was released last night at 8pm PST. Dropping this on @ukihanagoat, fuck you! “Slut Me Out remix PT 2 #SlutMeOut at 8pm PT,” he tweeted.

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“‘SLUT ME OUT’ REMIX TAPE/VIDEO” is available on OnlyFans (link in the intro)! he posted on Instagram.

In the new video, Suki gives a $3 oral performance while Chopper gives a mesmerizing performance. On social media, some fans speculated whether the new image was actually a music video or a $3 tape. Sukihana contributed the verses to the song. Up-and-coming rapper $3xyy Red contributed verses to the original remix, which was released on April 7th.

“You can pistol-whip me like I’m Miami in the Northeast,” Suki raps, “but you need a ratchet like Sukihana from behind,

Pussy/leggings are like Gucci purses, snatch his condoms and I eat shit with some Benihana. Speaking in an NLE adult manner, Chopper said: Fuck you (don’t text me)/Fuck like you’re ugly. ”

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NLE Choppa became an internet sensation earlier this month when clips from a music video shoot in Miami went viral on Instagram and Twitter. In the video, Chopper is seen grabbing $3xxy Red and Sukihana’s hair. On April 12, Ms NLE Chopper spoke with The Breakfast Club, citing some criticism that she treats women like dogs. He said $3xyy asked him to let her red grab her hair and he complied with her request.

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