Watch nashville shooting bodycam video, nashville body cam video.

Nashville body camera video, Nashville body camera video.

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Nashville shoots body camera video

Nashville school shooting: Body camera video shows the moment the assailant was killed by police, and the video shows officer Rex Engelbart shooting Audrey Hale multiple times with a rifle before , the perpetrator is shown to have fallen to the ground with injuries. Hale, 28, later received his second bullet.

Less than 24 hours after yesterday’s horrific shooting, Nashville police released body camera footage.

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@MNPDNashville’s transparency throughout the process is top notch and whoever neutralizes the threat is an American hero. This is courage.

Nashville police have released body camera footage of the elementary school shooting, which shows a hero cop running up the stairs and dropping the shooter.

Footage released by the Nashville Police Department on Monday shows Hale firing a gun at the front glass door before breaking in, then walking down a hallway with a gun at hand. there is

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