Watch L3aked Sofia Coppola’s Daughter, Nepo Baby Viral Video

L3aked Watch Sofia Coppola's Daughter Nepo Baby Viral Video

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My Favorite Nepo Baby Is Sofia Coppola’s Daughter

Celebrity Descendants TikTok is my favorite type of social media. If her mother Laura Dern made a video of her dancing to Doja Cat, it would definitely be charming. When she dresses up as her father Kanye West and lip-syncs “Bound 2” to her mother Kim Kardashian, it’s clearly a work of genius. Last September, Gideon Grody Patinkin asked his father Mandy Patinkin what TikTok was for, even though I was alone in my living room.

The descendants of these A-listers rely on their mutual intimacy to give us a behind-the-scenes glimpse revealing dumber, less-branded versions of their powerful relatives. This is unusual in such a mediated digital world where we are accustomed to sanitized and strictly curated celebrity breaking news.

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But even among those crowd-pleasing categories, the work of Romy Mars, the daughter of Sofia Coppola and Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars, stood out. In her now-deleted TikTok video (her 38 million views and counting) that went viral on Twitter, Romy puts on the show.

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“I’m under confinement, so come make some vodka sauce spaghetti with me,” Romy says at the beginning of the video, his voice quickening and sounding crazy. wonderful. Why was she suspended? “She wanted to have dinner with her camp mates, so she tried to charter a helicopter from New York to Maryland on her father’s credit card,” she continued, but the truth is it’s a roller coaster ride. was. The rich kid’s careless splurge may be disgusting, but her rebellious teenage spirit softens the untouchability of risk-taking Hollywood.

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