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Jbizz (@jbizz177) is a TikTok star who posts satire about gangs. He frequently posts ambulance photos and claims the FBI is after him. On TikTok, he was a comedian disguised as a street waiter who recently got slapped by a few people. He now has over 350,000 followers, and he claims his four previous accounts were banned.

Many people in the UK support him, and the full name and location of the Gibiz attack suspect has been leaked. In this article, we take a look at the Jbizz video “Return, RevengeorFight” that leaked on Snapchat and went viral on Twitter.

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Gibiz’s revenge video

On Twitter, a user named @staylowtpl posted a video attacking Jbizz. In the video, the boy says, “Do you think you can beat us all?” While hitting Jibizu’s face.

They also robbed Zibiz, took his mobile phone, and asked him what the password was. The video has over his 300,000 views and he has over 200 comments on Twitter. The video then cuts to a clip of a person being attacked by a mob, though it is unclear if the attacker is Jibiz.

After the incident, Jibiz spoke about it on TikTok Live. Four non-racist black men approached me, spat in my face, and punched me. I have to change the content because people think I’m a criminal, but I’m not talking about this life.

It didn’t matter, but there were four of us, so I couldn’t show myself as sixteen, even though I was young. yes. it’s out of the question. Everyone should know this. But you won’t hear the song “Mom, I’m a Criminal” because I’m not actually a Criminal.

It’s not over for me, but I will continue to do TikTok. For the first time, I thought, let’s stop doing this. But if I stop, I’ll stain you guys, you’re all real people, look at those who gave you gifts. You are legends and I will not give up for you. I will come back stronger. This live broadcast was simultaneously watched by over 32,000 people and reposted over 750,000 times.

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