Watch Hitman Holla Leaked Video Twitter Viral on YouTube, Reddit

Watch Twitter viral 'Holla the Killer' leaked video on YouTube and Reddit

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Watch hitman hora videos online.

American rapper Hitman Hora has gone viral after an explicit video of him and his girlfriend Cinnamon leaked online. Fans claim the rapper posted scandalous snaps to “close friends” on Snapchat.

The video was then recorded by one of his friends and leaked. A video of the couple’s intimate relationship has gone viral on the internet.

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Killer Hora Twitter Leaked Video

Thirty-three-year-old rapper Hitman Hola (real name Gerald Fulton Jr.) is best known in the SMACK/URL rap scene. He appeared in seasons 6-16 of Wild n’ Out, which made him a star. The St. Louis native also appeared in Fight Club and Battle of America. His girlfriend Cinnamon is an influencer and entrepreneur.

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The singer claimed the video was a private clip the two filmed together. Snapchat’s Close Friends list allows only selected members of the group to view private girlfriend stories (usually in video or photo format). Lists are selected by the person submitting the content.

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