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Famous Kenyan actor Tairembaya (better known as Baja) has broken up with his beautiful girlfriend Georgina Janga. The young celebrity couple split just months after welcoming happy duo Astra Nyambura.

According to reports, Georgina recently announced in an Instagram post that she’s already split from her boyfriend due to unresolved issues. Locally, we are used to the fact that many celebrities vie for power when they do big things. Some have mastered the art of finding influence. And this is the only reason most netizens question Georgina Jengas’ take on the breakup.

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Georgina shared the latter but quickly deleted it, raising further questions about whether it was just overkill.

The two lovers have been together for over two years. Despite being the firstborn, they have thrived throughout their relationship. why stop now? Judging by Taylor Mbaiah’s ending, he didn’t have any feelings for the latter, so things looked pretty cool. Your photo will remain on social media. They still follow each other.

Famous Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya and his popular girlfriend Georgina Njenga got their month-old daughter Astra tattooed last weekend to celebrate Remember. The two fell in love for two years and unexpectedly became pregnant with a daughter. The two obviously love each other and have left a deep impression on netizens.

The lovers flaunted their couple’s goals in the early stages of their relationship, before Georgina even considered a pregnancy, and everything seemed perfect and nothing was stopping them from expressing their love for each other (still). . Moreover, little girls are a boon for them. Not only are they content creators, but they are also first-time parents. Despite being young and inexperienced, they have shown they are willing and able to begin their parenting journey.

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They casually confided in her (Astra Nyabla) when announcing the birth of the baby. Taylor Mbaiah and Georgina now have a permanent marker on his body in honor of their eldest son.

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