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Matt Riddle lost to Solo Chicoa in Puerto Rico’s backlash. Interestingly, Riddle isn’t on RAW this week as the red brand introduces her roster after the 2023 WWE Draft.

Matt Riddle’s name was trending on WWE RAW this week, but he didn’t even make an appearance on the show. Strangely, he also participated in the RAW talk after the show.

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Matt Riddle Trending With WWE Live Video Leak (Watch)

Last night, a video of Matt Riddle leaked online during WWE RAW. Many of the posts containing videos have been deleted but still exist.

We watched the video to confirm its authenticity, but we won’t post it here.

In this video starring Matt Riddle, he rolls like a helicopter with his crew in tow.

As you can imagine, this caused a huge reaction in the internet wrestling community.

Many fans expressed their feelings about Matt Riddle’s leaked video, often with hilarious reactions, including video messages. Some people are just shocked, others are not surprised at all.

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