WATCH: Delhi woman dances to Punjabi song Viral Metro Video

Hot subway video: Delhi women dance to Punjabi songs

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We live in a world of scrolls, likes, and subscriptions, but people’s internet obsession has gone crazy. Today’s youth speak out so clearly that they sometimes violate the guidelines set by the authorities for recognizing young people. Follow our website SureLoaded for the latest updates. ! ! !

A video that has gone viral on the Internet has caught the attention of netizens. The video shows a girl dancing in the Delhi subway. Despite its popularity, the video received mixed reactions from users online. While some criticized her for her public appearance as uncomfortable or found her uncomfortable, others admired her confidence.

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Let’s review the whole situation of concern and discuss its impact on the public. Please join us and share the opinions and reactions of different people about events like this. A video circulating online shows a woman in a red blouse and gray pleated skirt dancing violently to a Punjabi song on the Delhi subway. The girl reportedly performed for an Instagram video and posted it on her official Instagram account. “Yes, I know it’s prohibited, but I’ve been to the gym for the first time in the Delhi metro,” she added. She then posted the video on her itz_officialroy account.

Watch: Viral Metro Video of Delhi women dancing to Punjabi songs

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Young people have been making videos and videos on the Delhi Metro for some time, but recently, some people have accused young people of filming dance videos, arguing in trains, and acting inappropriately. questioned. Since such behavior can upset and annoy passengers on their journey, the Delhi Metro has rules and penalties. However, different people reacted to the video. Some praised her dancing and her confidence, while others criticized her for being open about her culture just to get her attention.

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Some users have flagged official DMRC accounts, demanding the necessary action, and have strict rules against such behavior. This is a big problem for individuals trying to spread the rich values ​​of our country abroad. I’m interested in audience reactions to events like this. This is a controversial subject because different generations think differently. Generation Z are looking to globalize in all areas and are becoming more and more confident in their views. We would love to hear what our viewers think.

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