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A well-known sex entertainer, now a data scientist, has sparked a discussion on social media by posting a surprising belief in hygiene. Aela, who also has the same name, told her 130,000 Twitter followers that she showered only 37 times last year. She was once the only top-grossing star, earning $100,000 a month.

My 2022 stats! Ella tweeted on Sunday. How many times have you eaten this year? Ella claims to have had sex 63 times last year, about twice as many showers. In fact, last year she did more than shower. A sex expert listed her use of various drugs, travel, exercise, and how often she got sick.

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According to a 2021 Harvard University study, the average American adult showers 145 times a year, with tinnitus statistics, bathers note. In response to her criticism of cleanliness on Twitter, Ella replied, “Yeah, I try not to mess with my skin’s resident bacteria too much.”

The influencer also said that she changes her sheets twice a month, and that she washes her face and brushes her teeth constantly. But she was less than impressed by her dermatologist’s apology.

“37 showers is too much for me. I shower twice a day, maybe three especially in the summer, or maybe just once because I’m always out. Showers are mean.” It’s melodrama you have,” a fan tweeted to do so.

One male follower lamented, “Why is it great that Ella showers once a week, but it’s not socially normal for me to shower?” It pointed out.

But one reader argued that sex workers taking hot showers highlighted a bigger problem.

their [black and white] This psychology leads them to think that anything they don’t clean right away is dirty, and wonder how much water people who care about showering use, they tweeted. “And there can never be any doubt that their bodies are inherently bad and need to be cleansed.”

Recently, a number of bath-hating celebrities have made news on social media by admitting that they and their children don’t shower often. In 2021, 42-year-old actor Jake Gyllenhaal said he was “more and more aware of the need to shower less and less,” but not Kristen Bell, 42, or Dax Shepard, 48. As in, the celeb’s parents argue as well as De De. She says she only gives her children soap when they see them dirty, but she still manages to skip the days when she puts her feet in the shower just to show off.

These bold claims are controversial but backed up by science. Dr. Manhattan Demm says dermatologists “do not recommend long baths or daily showers.” According to Julie Russac, lathering in hot water “actually breaks down and alters the skin microbiome,” which is “very important for overall body health” and plays a role in skin protection.

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