Vizag bike viral video leaked, Andhra Pradesh couple hugs on moving bike

Vizag bike video of Andhra Pradesh couple embracing while riding bike goes viral

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A couple from Andhra Pradesh have been arrested after a video of them embracing while riding a bicycle in Visakhapatnam went viral.

The video is believed to have been taken on the way to the Vizag Steelworks. A 19-year-old woman was seen hugging a 22-year-old man while sitting on the fuel tank of her motorcycle.

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Vizag, December 30: A young couple in Andhra Pradesh has been arrested after a viral video appeared to show them hugging while riding a moving motorbike. The video, allegedly filmed on the streets of a steel mill in Visakhapatnam, shows K Shailaja, a 19-year-old girl from Chodavaram, sitting on a bicycle fuel tank and hugging Ajay Kumar, 22, 19. The state of being is reflected.

The couple were punished for careless driving because public displays of affection (PDA) posed a safety hazard. The now circulating video is said to have been filmed by a man stalking a bicycle in his car.

The UP bride, who called off the wedding after the groom kissed in front of 300 guests to win a bet, said she doubted the groom’s personality and got into trouble while riding a bicycle and trying to kiss him. The 18-second video shows a woman hugging a man while sitting on a car’s fuel tank.

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She reportedly grabbed him by the neck and kissed him without wearing a helmet as the couple walked recklessly near the intersection of Rajuli Gardens and Kirtinagar.

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