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Denpasar’s Red Kebaya sex videos continue to resonate in cyberspace. Bali Local Police (Porda) continue to search for the masked couple who played the Red Kabaya sex video. Bali Police Kompol V Cyber ​​Crime (Tippid) Officer AKBP Nanan Prijasumoko told detikBali on Thursday (11/11) that we are still investigating what happened in and outside Bali. He said he didn’t know if there were any. March 2020). 2022).

There are four facts behind the excitement of the red kebaya sex videos compiled by detikBali. Here are the facts about Red Kebaya sex videos: Red kebaya sex videos are played by men and women pretending to be hotel staff or guests. The heroine is standing with her hair tied up and wearing black high heels.

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In addition to the popular red kabaya, the scarf wrapped around the main character’s waist also catches the eye. The lady wears a brown scarf. The video shows a woman dressed in red first knocking on the bathroom door to deliver her ashtray. Some actors only use towels.

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From the beginning of the video, both actors are seen wearing masks covering their eyes. The female characters wore black masks that covered their eyes, and the male actors wore gold masks. The Red Kabaya sex tape is said to have been made in a typical hotel room. Video footage seen by detik Bali showed the actor only wearing a white towel.

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