Video of Scandinavian tourists killing likely to be authentic

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Unedited photos of the severed and partially severed heads of two Scandinavian tourists murdered in the mountains of Morocco have been posted on the Facebook page of one of the grieving mothers.

It’s unclear whether the images were taken by investigators or by the killer, but after friends and family urged people not to watch a video of one of the victims being beheaded that circulated online, he said: This fear arose.

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The dismembered bodies of Danish university student Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, and Norwegian Maren Ueland, 28, were found on Monday in a deserted two-hour walk from the tourist village of Imlil near Mount Toubkal. Found at a remote campsite.

Moroccan authorities believe the four murder suspects traveled to the Atlas Mountains with the intention of committing the crime, but did not pre-select their targets.

They had just pledged allegiance to the Islamic State but had clearly taken the lead, officials said Sunday.

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Bubuk Savik, spokesman for Morocco’s security and internal intelligence service, also said the terrorist plot was thwarted with the arrest of nine other people in the incident.

This morning, news.com.au discovered a video that allegedly slit Jespersen’s throat. The video went viral on many social media platforms despite calls for it to be taken down.

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