V.P. Joe Biden’s dating advice to a young woman went viral

Vice President Joe Biden's dating advice for young women goes viral

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One of the recent hot topics about U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is his love advice for young women. During a visit to Irvine Valley Community College, Vice President Joe Biden had the opportunity to interact with students at the school. When I spoke with a student, he advised me to wait until I was 30 before starting a serious relationship. The conversation was recorded on video during the event. The video has since garnered widespread attention on social media. Follow our website SureLoaded.com for the latest updates. ! ! !

The video shows university presidents attending a meet and greet on campus. After a while, his voice became more and more cheerful, and he said to the young woman standing in front of him, “I’m going to tell my daughters and grandchildren something important now.” told me to wait until I was 30. .

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The girl, apparently uncomfortable with her skin, replied, “Well, I’ll keep that in mind,” before bursting into laughter.

The video has been viewed over 5 million times and has received many reactions.

Joe Biden recently made headlines after admitting to being friends with a woman 18 years younger than him. US President Joe Biden’s speech at the National Education Association was interrupted by remarks that appeared to have noticed a woman in the crowd. Please tell us about yourself. We have a big age difference: she’s 12 and I’m 30. “But I am very grateful to this woman who helped me achieve so much,” he said.

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