UFC’S Jeff Molina Comes Out as Bisexual – After Oral S3x Video Leaks

UFC's Jeff Molina Opens Up About Being Bisexual After Oral S3x Video Leak

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UFC’s Jeff Molina reveals he’s bisexual after leaked blowjob video

UFC fighter Jeff Molina came out about his sexuality this week when a video surfaced on social media showing him having sex with another man… said she was deprived of the opportunity to declare herself bisexual.

The 25-year-old released an emotional statement on Twitter on Friday, saying, “This is not what I want, but I was denied the opportunity when I was ready.”

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“I try to keep my dating life private on social media,” Molina continued. “I’ve been with girls all my life. I suppressed my emotions when I joined the wrestling team in high school, pursued mixed martial arts in college, and fulfilled part of my dream by joining the UFC. and.”

“I never thought that my friends, teammates, and people I looked up to would see me differently, let alone treat me differently because of something I had no control over. I don’t understand it at all.”

UFC fighter Jeff Molina leaked.

UFC's Jeff Molina reveals he's bisexual after leaked blowjob video

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Molina, who has an 11-2 career record and a 3-0 record in the UFC, has previously voiced support for the LGBTQ+ community …Pride Month with a fight in June 2022 Wear shorts.

Molina, who is currently suspended for alleged involvement in a gambling scheme, said he had no intention of coming out in his career, preferring to be known for his skills rather than making a double appearance in the UFC. I added that there is. “Fighter” simply translates as “my gay UFC fighter”. ”

Molina’s announcement makes him the first openly LGBTQ+ male member of the UFC.

“At the end of the day, I know my character, my ethics, and who I am. Even if I’m hated, I get just as much support. That means it sucks.” tons.”

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