Patna Railway Station Video – Patna Railway Station viral Video clip

Patna Station Video – Patna Station Viral Video Clip

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Video of Patna station goes viral

Adult star Kendra Desier reacted to a porn video played on Patna’s TV screen, and netizens asked Johnny Hines to act as a security guard to avoid such incidents.

A major accident at Patna railway station in Bihar embarrassed the public and those around them, and then made the news. When adult films began showing on TV screens set up for the general public, everyone on the TV platform was shocked.

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Netizens have not reflected on the spoofing of the incident at all, but Kendra Roost, a well-known pornographic film actress, recently responded to the incident on Twitter. Read on to find out more.Pornstar Kendra Lust shares video of porn movie screened at Patna Junction station, says ‘I wish this was mine’

Bihar made news yesterday with a bizarre incident in which a three-minute video of a pornographic clip playing on a platform at Patna Junction railway station went viral. Now, world-famous porn star Kendra Lust has shared the footage and offered her own take on it.

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Kendra Lust, a well-known adult film actress, posted the now-controversial video on her Twitter account, expressing concern that a pornographic video was accidentally aired during the morning rush hour at Patna Station. and expressed their gratitude.

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