Original Patna Railway Station Viral Video Without Blur Clip!!

The original Patna station viral video with no blurry clips!!

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A shocking incident occurred in Patna, Bihar. A pornographic video was reportedly shown on a screen at a train station in Patna, Bihar. Strictly speaking, this incident is not a rumor or a false legend. The incident took place at the Patna Junction railway station, where about three minutes of pornographic video was shown on the station’s screen. The station employee’s mistake sparked a discussion on social media and the station’s news network. Who is responsible for this scandal? People are reportedly seeking information to clarify some of the questions raised in the news. In the next section, we will cover all the important elements of news. Be sure to bookmark this page and read the conclusion of this article. Scroll down and read from beginning to end. Follow our website SureLoaded for the latest updates. ! ! !

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Patna station viral video

The pornographic images were played on screens at Patna Junction station for approximately three minutes, giving station passengers ample time to film the incident. The internet is now flooded with videos of Patna’s Junction Station and his internet users are very interested in watching these videos. According to reports, the incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday, March 19, 2023. At exactly 10:00 am, an explicit video was shown on the station television.

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Patna station viral video not blurry

After this shocking incident, the story quickly went viral on all social media channels and was picked up by almost every news outlet. The news quickly spread as people shared the video on social media and tagged the Chief Minister of Bihar and Minister of Railways Nitish Kumar. Initial investigations revealed that the agency that put the ads on the screen made a mistake and played the movie instead of the ads. Please scroll down the page to read the actions taken against the authorities.

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Original clip from Patna station

Advertising firm Datta Communications is reportedly the target of the FIR. The railroad also banned the company from using pornographic images in its TV commercials. Relevant departments have launched an investigation. The railway police are investigating the matter. That’s all for now. Check back often for changes or additional information.

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