Original, blur-free footage from the viral Patna Railway Station video circulated online.

A raw, unblurred clip of the Patna Station viral video circulating online.

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Patna station viral video

You may be wondering why we say this and what brought the world’s attention to India. No, this time it’s not for positive reasons, but for shock reasons. While waiting at the station, what would he think if suddenly an NSFW program was broadcast on the TV?There are many children, the elderly and women at the station, so such a scene would make him uneasy. Hundreds of commuters, including women and children, were reportedly shocked when the train announced it would be broadcasting porn on crowded platform 10 on Sunday morning, March 19, 2023.

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The incident received worldwide attention even though it happened on the Patna Junction video. After hearing this news, people were shocked and curious as to why this happened. In addition, Mssrs M Dutta Studio Company Pvt Limited has been subject to two separate complaints filed by the police under the RPF Act and the IT Act, and procedures have been initiated to blacklist the company. The public is calling for crackdowns on this operator and those suspected of being responsible for such negligence or company misconduct.

According to reports, an unpleasant blue image appeared on the screen for about three minutes between 9:56 a.m. and 10 a.m. The incident would have gone unnoticed if many passengers hadn’t protested to the authorities.

Patna station viral video not blurry

This is a serious issue that the general public is worried about. People were outraged and demanded crackdowns. Danapur RPF senior commander Prakash Kumar Panda said Patna RPF took immediate action to apply for FIR against the company under the RPC law. The Kolkata-based organization has signed up to regularly announce the arrival and departure of trains from Patna Junction on television.

Patna station viral video

“The railway company terminated its contract with the authorities and summoned officers to Patna’s RPF station for further investigation into this serious incident,” he said. Police are searching for the operator, who reportedly disappeared in connection with this unacceptable incident. Suppose he shows up after the arrival of the railway police team. In this case, the Railway Security Service will consider obtaining arrest warrants for him and other members of the Railway Security Service involved in the assault.

The original Patna station viral video with no blurry clips!!

Patna station viral video raw clip

Patna RPF inspector Sushil Kumar claimed the incident happened at Patna Junction station where Danapur Prabat Kumar was being inspected. But suddenly, a member of the Rwandan Patriotic Front announced that a pornographic video was playing on the TV station’s television. The DRM immediately demanded an investigation and instructed the relevant commercial authorities to terminate the contract with the railway. The Patna RPF documented the incident in a post containing footage of the incident.

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As previously stated, an investigation has been launched and police are searching for the person believed to be responsible for this act. A blurry version of the footage, allegedly taken by a passenger, went viral. Many people are looking for links to this virus incident, but are unable to browse online due to offensive content. It’s best to avoid promoting content that might cause trouble, as you could face criminal charges if someone is caught watching such videos.

Also, the police do not release such information, so many are waiting to learn the operator’s identity. Our sources are trying to get in touch with the group behind this hoax, but we still need to be ready for talks. We are trying to gather more information about this issue and will post it here as soon as we have it. Please wait until then to contact us. We will be back soon.

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