OnlyFans models Karina Pedro and Inked Dory flash the audience during an MMA fight, going viral on Twitter.

OnlyFans models Carina Pedro and Inked Dolly posed for the crowd during an MMA match and went viral on Twitter.

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Viewers were shocked when the two fighters repeated an X-rated antics at the weigh-in and showed off their breasts during an MMA match. His O2 Universum Hall in the Czech Republic served as the venue for the competition. Follow our website SureLoaded for the latest updates. ! ! !

Fans were in awe when Inked Dory and Carina Pedro entered the fourth annual Star Wars contest, Weird Wars. The X-class antics of the two fighters during the weigh-in were repeated during the mixed martial arts match, shocking the audience.

Bạn đang xem: OnlyFans models Karina Pedro and Inked Dory flash the audience during an MMA fight, going viral on Twitter.

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MMA fights go viral on Twitter.

Against influencer, singer-actor Crystal Shine and model Denisa Lindova, the two worked together in a cage. They made the news twice before the opening bell, showing off their boobs to give the public a preview of what they could watch on the subscription-only OnlyFans site.

The first incident occurred during a mixed martial arts party weigh-in, and the two fighters kissed. Dolly and Karina weigh their opponents before posing for a photo. To the delight of those present, they simultaneously reached out and pulled up their shirts, making it look like their opponents were being humiliated. However, Twitter went wild when some fans praised the duo. “I was caught off guard,” tweeted one supporter. Someone said we need more of these things.

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Inkdo and 21 Karina, who have nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram, performed the move as they approached the competition cage. They match up again and show off their boobs next to each other in a cage apron.

Despite three rounds, the OnlyFans group raised their hand after winning on points. Karina has since posted a number of photos of herself fighting in a UFC-like octagon under the caption, “Unforgettable Memories.” Inkdo issued a lengthy statement with snapshots of the match at the time, admitting he disagreed with the judge’s decision.

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