Murgud Doctor Viral Video, fake doctor leaks 80 clips of women

Dr Murgud Viral Video, Fake Doctor Leaks 80 Clips of Women

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Recently, a brand new movie has become popular on the Internet. Dr. Mogdo is an internet sensation. Videos go viral these days. Every day, fresh videos are leaked online. On all social media sites, the film has sparked new discussions. This popular movie is a story about a very deceitful doctor. Online users want to know more about the event as a whole. People are wondering why this movie is so popular online. The leaked video is being tracked. Follow our website SureLoaded for the latest updates. ! ! !

Dr. Margard’s video goes viral

This video demonstrates the value of a positive doctor-patient relationship. This is evidenced when the patient puts his trust in the doctor. The video reveals a fake doctor, which is the subject of the film. The incident occurred in Murgud, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. This movie reveals the truth about fake doctors. This doctor runs a private clinic in Murgud, Kolhapur. He doesn’t have a college degree. Police took him into custody immediately after the video leaked. Police say he committed two crimes. The doctor’s name is Kartik. In this clip, he is seen talking to a woman while promoting his clinic. Many patients see these social media ads and visit the clinic.

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The PhD turned out to be a forgery. He was bothering one of his female patients. Many female patients have been sexually assaulted by this doctor. He once recorded a video of a female patient with a stick. He kept all his photos and videos on his laptop. One day his laptop broke, so he sent it in for repair. However, as soon as he posted, all the above movies started circulating online. He recorded and archived nearly 80 videos of the fraudulent tactics.

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After the video started circulating, many women wrote to the Korapur police. They also allege in the letter that the doctor committed dishonesty and deplorable conduct in the operation of the fictitious facility. he hurt a lot of people The women wrote a petition calling for the quack doctors to be thrown in prison and for justice to be given to all women. This doctor earned the trust of his patients, but now no one trusts him.

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