Kiruthiga Udhayanithis Reaction To Her Son Inbanithis GF viral Photos

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A cryptic tweet went viral on social media site Weibo after a series of photos purportedly showing the son and girlfriend of film director Kirtiga Udayaniti went viral. In a tweet, Kilsiga said people shouldn’t be afraid to love and express nature’s wonder until it’s confirmed to be the way to appreciate it.

Twitter users praised his responsible handling of the events. So far, the tweet has received hundreds of mostly positive comments and over 4,000 likes.

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Kirtiga Udayanitis reacts to viral photos of son Invanitis GF

A collage of photos showing Invanity Stalin, the son of Chebak parliamentarian and Sports Minister Udayanity Stalin, posing with a girl has been circulating on social media since Wednesday night.

Since the photo went viral, it has received mixed reactions on various internet forums. Some claim Invanity himself uploaded the photo to his Instagram account, while others claim the girls shared it.

Actress responds to viral photos of Invanity Stalin

In the photo, Invanity hugs a young woman, believed to be Sahana, from behind and spends private time with her. Imba and his family, including Prime Minister Stalin and former Prime Minister Karnaniti, were attacked by many after the photos went viral.

Don’t be afraid to show love, as Kirtiga Udayanithi wrote in a post on her official Instagram account to silence trolls. It’s a way of understanding the wonders of nature.

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