How old is Jacqui in Dry?

Here is the answer and explanation to the question How old is Jacqui in Dry?

How old is Jacqui in Dry?

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Jacqui is one of the five main protagonists in Neal and Jarrod Shusterman’s fictional, young adult, post-apocalyptic novel Dry. She is a courageous, opinionated and free-spirited girl who is used to doing everything on her own. She has a bit of an unpredictable nature, but she is also very self-sufficient and very wise for her young age. It is mentioned that she once went to the same high school where Alyssa goes, however, she dropped out. Jacqui is described as a teenager and is said to be 19 years old. She is the oldest of the group, and she has learned many skills on the streets; Jacqui knows how to drive, which proves to be quite useful during the teens’ adventure.

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