Harun Olivia’s and Harun Tusenmacher’s leaked videos

Leaked video of Harun Olivia and Harun Tuzenmacher

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Harun Maruf started his career as a journalist about 30 years ago. After the fall of Somalia’s dictatorship in 1991, he became one of the first people to work in the independent media. He was a former Somalia correspondent for the BBC and Associated Press.

Harun Olivia has been the editor for many years. She joined the company in July 2008 as an editor. He’s done hard programming, he’s done magazines. Please keep an eye on our website at sureLoaded.com for the latest updates. ! ! !

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Visit VOA Somalia for research reports and programs. In March 2018, he was in charge of the premiere of the epoch-making investigative program “Investigation File”, which is the first Somali media to broadcast every other week. Harlan said it was the best coverage he had ever done. The political development of the Somali government is influenced by his actions.

Harlan’s first book was published in October 2018 in collaboration with VOA colleague Dan Joseph. Inside Al-Shabaab: The Secret History of Al-Qaeda’s Most Powerful Allies reveals the extremist group’s plans to overthrow the government of Somalia and make the country a safe haven for terrorists.

People love this book in Somalia and abroad. Harlan holds a Master’s Degree in International Journalism from City University of London.

Harun Tuzenmaker Harun Olivia Video on Reddit and Twitter

The video received widespread attention and quickly became one of the hottest topics on the internet. Customers who watch videos online are very interested in learning more about what the video is about. The video contains adult content.

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