Hareem Shah Ki’s Colgate Toothpaste video viral on Reddit.

Haleem Shah Ki's Colgate Toothpaste video went viral on Reddit.

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Tiktoker’s Hareem Shah said her friends Sandal Katak and Aisha Naz stole her porn videos and shared them on social media. It’s worth noting that social media is filled with stories about how despicable this movie about the Shah’s harem is. Shah is said to have acted inappropriately in a video shared online by an unidentified person. TikToker has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons, but now it’s been victimized by a data hack. However, Hareem Shah told reporters that her friend and TikTok friend Sandal Katak and Ayesha Naz stole the messages from her mobile phone while they were living together. Follow our website SureLoaded for the latest updates. ! ! !

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Haleem Shah’s toothpaste goes viral

She promised to take Sandal Hatak and Aisha Naz to court over the data breach.

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Despite the leaks, Shah has an interesting Instagram feed and a huge following on social media that keeps his followers engaged. With over one million followers on her Instagram, she is well-known as an online influencer thanks to her style, her wit, and her funny content.

colgate harlem shah

Shah is a huge social media hit, but he’s been in the news lately for the wrong reasons. She gained a lot of attention after her famous video was released showing her spending a large amount of her foreign currency and her husband opening a drink with her. Her controversial behavior caught her attention and the Sindh High Court ordered her to appear before the FIA ​​until April 18 to investigate her money laundering.

Haleem Shah Quan Teeth Ki

Her legal troubles got worse when the Shah and her husband were arrested in Turkey for smuggling gold and cash. She has to deal with the legal ramifications of her recent actions, which put her in a tight spot.

Harem Shah

You may want to know more about the videos that are circulating now. The video shows her in a dangerous situation with an unidentified person. This video shocked and made many people think. She has a huge following on all social her media her platform but on Instagram she has only 1 follower but has 293,000 followers and 5,023 photos of her.

Haleem Shah Biography and Career

So, if you’re interested in checking out her Instagram photos and videos, visit her. She got the job in 2018 and she’s absolutely amazing and gorgeous. She also received much criticism in 2019 for a video shot inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in which Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered an investigation into the Shah.

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