El pack de fotos de Aleska Genesis en twitter, la modelo venezolana volvio a las camaras

Aleska Genesis Photo Pack on Twitter, Venezuelan and Las Camaras Models

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Venezuelan model Aleska Gnesis, who has become the Creole country’s most famous and controversial star in the last few months of the year, has told her fans that she is looking forward to a new 2023 and is working to make things better. Told.

Similarly, in “Genesis,” she said that in the new year she would face all the troubles ahead while being stronger and better equipped to fight “Rachel and all.” .

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She expressed the above gratitude on her official Instagram account and shared the Christmas photo, which quickly attracted more than 80,000 likes and thousands of comments in support of the new Aleska. . .

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“Wait until 2023, because this woman is crazier, stronger, smarter, and this is the 2022 version where she can’t beat it even if she wants to,” Aleska said. I posted it on my Instagram profile.

It’s worth noting that Creole’s popularity has skyrocketed in the final quarter of 2022, thanks to a rash on her scalp from troubles with ex-partner Miguel Mawado. a condition called alopecia.

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This is who I am now, my hair is starting to fall out, my health is bad, my self-esteem is being damaged by things in my head, (I suffer from hair loss), I can’t sleep, I’m insomnia, I’m in pain, I’m emotionally stressed. , I was put on anxiety therapy and this started 3 months ago, completely destroyed my relationship and communication with the person who hurt me, abused me, abused me for 5 years, and gave me violence. And I continue to do so, so it’s not right, I have no empathy,” Mawad’s ex-girlfriend said.

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