Does Jing-Mei find her sisters?

Here is the answer and explanation to the question Does Jing-Mei find her sisters?

Does Jing-Mei find her sisters?

Jing-Mei does find her sisters and travels to Shanghai to meet them.

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In the final pages of The Joy Luck Club, Jing-Mei brings her mother’s dream to fruition as she steps off a plane and meets her sisters.

As she nears Shanghai, Jing-Mei isn’t sure how she will ever begin to explain her mother’s life, and she deeply mourns the loss of her mother in those hours. She desperately wishes that Suyuan could have been the one to greet these daughters whom she had been forced to leave behind decades earlier. As Jing-Mei walks off the plane and across the tarmac, she is so nervous that she cannot “even feel [her] feet.”

Suddenly, a voice cries out that “she” has arrived, and Jing-Mei spots one of her sisters; the sister’s hand is pressed to her mouth as she is overcome with emotion. Jing-Mei then spots her other sister, who is holding a Polaroid that Jing-Mei had sent her. The three sisters run toward each other, collapsing into an embrace as they chant “mama” repeatedly.

Jing-Mei believes that she and her sisters all look like their mother, and she absorbs feelings of wholeness in this moment, “eager to see what develops” from this burgeoning relationship. Whatever comes, she is certain that finding her twin sisters is the realization of Suyuan’s “long-cherished wish.”

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