Alisha Khadgi Kanda leaked on twitter and reddit, rajkumar thapa magar

Alisha Khaj Kanda leaks on Twitter and Reddit, Rajkumar Thapa Magger

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Kathmandu. A YouTube content creator and blogger has been detained after receiving a complaint on her Facebook page at the Metropolitan Police Department. The Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Department’s Facebook page, Twitter page and other media outlets have received complaints about injuries to members of the public caused by bicycles in public areas, including sidewalks.

Prince Thapa Magar, who runs his own cycling blog on YouTube, was taken into police custody after being charged.

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A few days ago, Magal posted a blog on his YouTube channel showing himself and friends cycling in Pashupati.

A friend suddenly collided with a bicycle while riding a bicycle, and the scene became tense for a while.

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The video is currently trending on Tiktok. Following the issue, Nepal police social media pages were filled with complaints that members of the public were being harassed by bloggers.

He was also accused of violating traffic rules on his blog. Regarding the matter, the traffic police said Magar and his friend were taken to the office and appropriate measures were taken.

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