A video of Sophie Turner’s daughter has appeared online.

A video of Sophie Turner's daughter has surfaced online.

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Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner posted a video of her daughter on Instagram that sparked interest among internet users, but was quickly removed after she realized her mistake. Sophie Turner says she posted a video of her daughter by mistake, which goes against everything she’s been alleging. Social media users flooded in to see Sophie Turner’s video of her daughter. When she searches the web for the same title, she finds herself in the right place. This section will tell you everything that is important to this story. No need to read other articles for this news. Follow our website SureLoaded for the latest updates. ! ! !

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Sophie Turner steps up stance on daughter’s privacy after accidentally uploading eldest video It got a lot of attention when it was posted on Gram. To share her video, she took advantage of her Instagram story feature. Instagram stories usually run 24 hours a day, but Sophie Turner only allowed a few minutes before she realized her mistake.

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Joe Jonas is the husband of Sophie Turner. The couple are strong advocates of keeping their children out of the media spotlight. Jonas and Sophie have two daughters. In addition, the two have a 9-month-old child together. The ‘Game of Thrones’ actress has apologized for her own mistake, admitting that posting the video on her Instagram was indeed a mistake.

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Our children should be able to grow up free and private, away from prying eyes. Please note that everything I share about children is false. Friends who have shared on other platforms, please share again.

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